Hello! I'm a freelance

What's inside?

I started working in graphic design in 2004 with the release
of my first major web project. I always pay attention to finest detail,
am closely following technical innovations and aiming use
the expertise in my projects.

What I offer?

What I offer:

  • Project management

  • Web design

  • Content management systems

  • Banners

Few things about me

I am have interests in
cinema, music,
architecture and civil aviation

Favourite color - blue

I was born on Monday

Favourite city - Paris
Favourite sport - football

Languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian and a bit of French*

(* - enough to understand where one word finishes and another starts or say a useless phrase
like "un bus rouge est passé" which means "red bus has just passed".)

Favourite passtime: cinema, concerts and bicyle

My offer

It is very important to establish the right level of communication
and discussion when involved in creative projects that's why
I invite you for a cup of coffee so we can talk about
your idea and turn it into reality*

* - For obvious reasons this is available to Lithuanian clients only,
but if you are up for a virtual coffee meet-up let me know and I meet you there!

Let's meet up

Let's meet up!



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+370 677 79831

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